Abdul Rehman: [Few Words About Myself]


My Name is Abdul Rehman. I started my carrier as an Associate Electronics Engineer in Electronics 2000 Firm situated in Hallroad Lahore, Pakistan, after completing my Diploma of Associate Engineering from Lahore Technical Board of Education in Electronics Technology.

After that i take a short course of 8051 micro controller Programming in Assembly language just to get promotion in my job and  thus i fall in love with programming. I spend 3 years in that firm as an Assembly programmer and i later switched to C/C++ and other 8bit micro-controllers like PIC16/PIC18 and AVR ATmega and ATTinny series.

Mean while i started my Graduation in Computer Science field from virtual University of Pakistan

During my graduation i tastes the flavor of higher level languages like Java and C#. Also i started programming in MATLAB for my hobby in Computer Vision field. I learn lots of interesting subjects of Computer Science like compiler construction, Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming. It really sharpens my Programming Skills and i diverted my attention toward Higher level Programming. When i took the subject of Operating System in my education then i find it really interesting as it was something like similar with my filed.  From there i start learning Linux and Created this blog to share my learning journey with every new comer so that any new comer in this field can save his/her time of research in this field and can take advantage of pre-developed concepts which will definitely help them to learn quickly.

Thanks for visiting my Blog.


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