RTOS for Beginners


In this Article we are going to answer very basic RTOS related questions that may come in to mind of any new comer in Embedded programming field. for example

  1. What is RTOS?
  2. Why to use RTOS?
  3. How RTOS are different from other general purpose Operating Systems like Windows?

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Why I thought about Linux?

I Started programming in last of year 2007, when i finished my Associate diploma in Electronics Technology and started my internship on Hallroad lahore, Pakistan as electronic kits assembler. There i practically seen the micro controller first time and have came to know what programming is. I really got exited to explore how easy it is to program a micro controller and make an electronics circuit to function entirely different from what it was made earlier and with almost no hardware change effort and cost. From that day, i actually fall in love with micro controller.

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